Abby Strite

Professional Voice Actor

Voice Reel – Commercial

Audiobook Example

Resume and Training

Standup Comedy: Cap City Comedy/Fallout Theater – 2020

Theater: Vagina Monologues


Welcome to the Cypher / My Squad- Hip Hop ImprovAndrew Bancroft, Tarik Davis, Anthony VenezialeFreestyle Love Supreme Academy
Musical Theater Audition CoachingTarinn Callendar             
Balance, Breath, and the Performer’s InstrumentAdam RobertsThe Actor’s School
Beginning Actor – ExplorerMona Lee FultzBriteLites Acting Studio
Foundations of SingingAdam Roberts  The Actor’s School
Private Vocal CoachingAdam RobertsThe Actor’s School
Voiceover I & II                                         Cliff Miller          The Actor’s School
Acting & The Biz           Paula Russell   The Actor’s School


Austin, TX